Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lies / Truth

Updating here would take too long and to be honest, I'm not keen on the whole world knowing the ins and outs of my medical history.  But I will say that I have been going through some very hard physical trials.  I am waiting for answers right now.

I think we all think things in our minds and struggle with recognizing what is truth from God and what is a lie from Satan.  When we can recognize the difference, we can "take every thought captive" and we can triumph!  I'm sharing the exercise that helped me so much, and I hope that if it is meaningful to you, it will help you to do the same with whatever struggles you are going through. 

         / TRUTH -

1) My family would be better off without me.
         /  I am still a blessing to them, even in my weak state.

2) I can't handle it if I get worse.

          /  God will give me grace and strength if that happens.

3) My children are suffering, my husband is burdened.

          /  They are ok. God takes care of them. He has a plan for them too.

4) My life is getting smaller and smaller.

          /  God is HUGE!

5) I can't do all the things I planned to do in my life.

          /  God has a new plan for me. (New to me, not to Him.)

6) (related to 5) It will be disappointing. I'm missing out.

           /  There will be joy. Surprises await.

7) I'm alone.

           /  I'm never alone. I have God and I'm surrounded by a great team.

8) I am not myself.

           /  I am a newly expanded "self".

9) I am my disease.

           /  I am a child of God named Heather.

Do not think that I've got it all down and no longer struggle. I do mental battles with nearly all of these every day. It's better since I took the time to write all of these down, but Satan still throws these lies at me without relenting. But I am still fighting! And I know Who wins in the end!

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