About Me

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea, let's get to know one another...
My name is Heather, but around here, I go by the name "Church Mouse".  I am a happy wife of a preacher and a mother to my children.  Writing is the way I organize my thoughts and often my life. I love to learn and sharing what I learn helps me learn better. While we live a humble and simple life in our little house in New York State, it seems that there are others who might take an interest in our goings-on, so I am sharing here. 

I love to discuss homemaking, mothering, homeschooling and ministering to the needs of others as these are the things that consume my life.
On Church Mouse, you can expect to read about:
  • Meditations on God's Word
  • Adventures in Homeschooling - Charlotte Mason style
  • Homekeeping
  • How we live a frugal, yet abundant life
  • Various reflections on being a wife, mother, and daughter of The King
I absolutely love getting comments and feedback about what I write, so please don't be shy! 

Blessings to My Readers!

If you wish to contact me directly, e-mail churchmouseathome at gmail dot com

I try to check in a few times a week.
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