Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snapshots of our School Days

Big Little turned five this past fall and while we have been homeschooling him since the day he was born, we've been slowly working towards a little more structure in our day.  I do not believe all five year olds need this kind of structure, but our son really seems to crave it, and thrives with the mental stimulation that he is getting.  Starting at the beginning of January, I adopted the above "routine" and we are all just about used it it by now.  We are aiming for "doing school" three or four days a week at this point and I am actually amazed how much we get done and in how little time! So I will share some of what we are doing, but please know that this is just what works for our family and do not hold it up as some kind of standard.  As you will see in the pictures, the boys are still learning mostly through play and I believe this is as it should be.

If your are interested in more information, I use Ambleside Online year 0 and we follow the Charlotte Mason philosophy
Some of our learning looks fairly traditional.  Note the look of concentration as he does copywork.
Biggie got to the letter "d" and wrote it the way you would write a half note - he didn't do the downstroke to the bottom of the line. I pointed that out and he answered, "Oh I never do that part. It's just a spot of bother."
Some of it is disguised as play.  (See the letters made out of legos?)
Some looks like "work".  (Trying out parsnips for the first time in our soup!)
sorting out lowercase and capital letters while Little Littles plays along
And we do lots and lots of reading.  And apparently, playing with string.  :)
Notes -
We are working through the Singapore Math level A book and we both like it very much.  We supplement with sorting buttons, working with an abacus, and various other math games.

For piano, I used to teach beginning piano, so I am just doing little 10 minute sessions with him using the Jane Smisor Bastien "Very Young Pianist" series, which I really, really love.  It uses wonderful illustrations, teaches the basics of music and it is simple and not cluttered with overly flashy cartoony stuff.

Science and Art and such very much follow our interests and whims... painting with watercolors, practicing with scissors, bird watching, etc...  As the weather warms up, we will be spending more time outside doing nature study.

And in between all of this, you will find me running laundry to the washing machine, folding it, working on a grocery list while the boys paint, etc...  Work, play, and school are all woven together into a rich and vibrant life.  It is a lifestyle that we feel blessed to live.

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  1. Very exciting! :0)

  2. It sounds like the perfect homeschooling routine -- or as perfect as they come, anyway!

  3. Sweet days. I like your tracing font with the circle showing where to begin on each letter!

  4. Missing your updates! Hope all is well!

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  7. Replies
    1. For me, I think of old pictures that have been together, which is considered a picture, and then think back to the time being a student.



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