Friday, June 24, 2011

Self Portrait and Garage Saleing

self portrait

Hi Folks!

Had a bizarre morning of garage saleing. First of all, we had picked up the wrong ad booklet. Got last week's by mistake and planned our route around sales that had already happened. *sigh* So upon realizing our mistake, we got the current booklet and realized that there just wasn't much going on. And it was threatening rain, so the first one we went to had been moved inside. But it was a creepy/scary apartment and I didn't feel good about going in there, so we passed it by. Then another that had looked promising and was a bit of a drive turned out to be a real dud. Like... not worth even getting out of the car kind of a dud. After driving for about 30 minutes and getting nothing, we started home. Big Littles was upset though, so we thought we'd stop at a little consignment store we were passing and look around. I'd never been and had been wanting to check it out. The signs said, "open", the clock said "open", the lights around the window said "open", but the door was locked. It was sad. I was annoyed and Big Littles was heartbroken and Little Littles was mad about getting back in the car seat. We made a last ditch effort following the signs to an unlisted sale and hit the jackpot! YIPPEE!!!

Garage saleing is so hit or miss, but finding ones like this one make it worth it. Good, clean stuff... unpriced, but they were fair when I asked them for prices, and useful things for me! So we got a nice wooden glider rocker that I am planning to make a cushion for with materials I already have, two bike hooks, two brand new NICE bed pillows (the lady said they'd only been used for decoration and I could tell), a large plastic storage 3 drawer thingy, 3 CDs, and two nice suitcases! Total $37! WOOHOO!!! I've been looking for suitcases at garage sales for 2 years, but every one I've seen has been in terrible shape. These are NICE. Good, sound zippers and wheels, I'm a happy camper!

So the trick to garage saleing is to only buy what you already need and not cave into buying junk that you don't. This sale filled some true needs - things we'd been putting off purchasing brand new (the pillows, hooks and suitcases in particular). We also got a few nice things to make life easier, such as the storage drawers and glider rocker. I've nursed two babies without a glider rocker and I'm excited that by the time we are expecting #3, I'll have a nice comfy place to nurse and rock.

Hoping to go out tomorrow to a different area with some sales that look promising. Wish me luck!

What is your favorite garage sale find?

(Garage Saleing looks funny to me, but I'm not sure of how else to spell it or say it. Any grammarians out there want to correct me? Be my guest!)


  1. You shouldn't have made a self-portrait. We know who you are now...

  2. ...thanks for the blog. The Gringo Guatemalteco

  3. There are tons of brown-haired preacher's wives with glasses... I could be almost anyone! ;)

  4. I say garage saling. It's probably not right either, but I just have to drop that "e" before adding the "-ing". ;)

    -a fellow brown-haired preacher's wife, but no glasses yet ;)

  5. Yeah, I noticed it looks kind of funny too. I keep thinking about it. Usually the rule is when there is a silent e on the end, we remove it to add the suffix. In this case -ing. So, I believe the proper spelling would be saling... This is based on the assumption that whaling is spelled without the e. Problem is, it doesn't show up in the online dictionary because I don't think it is technically a word. You may use any spelling you want because it is your blog. :-)

    Regarding your garage sal(e)ing...I like to look at them, but have never done a route. They aren't really something that is done here in Warsaw. Glad you got some really good finds.

  6. I started out writing "saling" and then I thought it looked even funnier than "saleing" so I changed them all. Guess I could have written out "going to garage sales"... but I didn't. And as Rachel says, it's my blog... I can make up words if I want. ;)


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