Monday, June 11, 2012

Awake the Dawn!

A couple of months ago I was studying with an older woman and she suggested starting each day with prayer and devotion to the Lord.  "Easy enough for some," I grumbled in my heart.  How can that even be possible for me when at two years old, my littlest one is still not always sleeping through the night?  How can that be possible, when each morning I try to tiptoe downstairs for a quiet beginning to my morning, those little ears hear and wake up demanding, demanding, demanding.  "Miiiiiiilk", "I'm hungry", "Read a book to me!"  And then there are unspoken, but just as urgent demands like changing a diaper and getting my cup of coffee, STAT!  I spend my afternoon quiet time with the Lord most days, making a list of my blessings, studying and writing.  But she gently urged that even if it is only for a few moments, that I try to make a way. 

And so I let those thoughts work upon my heart and I tried a bit.  But before my 2 cups of coffee in the morning, I am in a fog.  I cannot put together coherent thoughts at all, much less focus on meaningful thoughts of my Lord.  And then you throw in those two little Distractions...  :)

So while I have grown up hearing that rote prayers are meaningless and disdainful, I am beginning to see a meaningful role for a rote prayer in my life.  Not something to be rushed through, but rather something to guide my thoughts when they are most prone to wander through a fog.  A guide for my mind that helps me begin the day with just a few moments devoted to thoughts of my Lord.  This is a habit I am working to develop and it is challenging, but I am already seeing great benefit.  So I will share my morning prayer here in hopes it will inspire anyone else struggling in a similar way.

  • You are the One Holy God.  
  • Your loving kindness is great.  
  • You are my God and I exalt You above the heavens.  
  • May all creation glorify You on earth.
  • Gift of Jesus and salvation
  • my family
  • the gift of each new day 
  • Wisdom
  • Strength for today
  • Pray for my husband - help me to fulfill my role as his help meet, guard his heart
  • Pray for each child by name - ask the Lord to instill in them a love and a desire for Him, pray that each will make the choice to be His disciple, ask that He will help guard their hearts
  • Help me have the law of kindness on my lips today
  • Help me freely share Your Word
  • Help me fulfill the purpose You have for me today 
  • Help me to bring glory to Your name today and forever
These are the things that I have chosen.  What do you make a habit of praying about in the mornings?  I would love to hear other ways you have found to make time with the Lord a daily habit.  Maybe you are still struggling in this area.  I can surely sympathize.  But do share.  Your comments are always one of the highlights of my day!

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