Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book Review and a GIVEAWAY!

"This is motherhood, and it’s very much the same whether you have 1 child or 11. You are being sanctified every day, and God is using your children to do His work in you."
4 Moms 35 Kids

I'm giving away a free copy of the e-book "4 Moms of 35+ Kids Answer Your Parenting Questions" and four of my favorite bloggers on the web are the famous Four Moms.  You can meet them here if you aren't already familiar with them.

So you may be thinking, "Church Mouse, I don't have 35 kids, so why would I ever need to read a book like that?"

When my firstborn was just a tiny babe, I figured out that while many older mothers with grown children have some wonderful advice, many have just plain forgotten what it feels like to care for small children, taking care of their intense needs while trying to take care of your husband and your home. 

But I knew two mothers at the time, and have since met a few more (including my friend, The Deputy Headmistress), that had grown children (and even grandchildren) while still caring for their own young children and babies.  These mothers really remember what it is like, could truly identify with what I was going through, and gave me the best advice of any of the Christian mothers I knew.  I could see the success of their parenting with their older children and simultaneously watch their hard work in action with their youngest.  These are the moms I still look to when I need guidance, encouragement, or even just reassurance. 

That is what you have in The Four Moms.  Four amazing Titus 2 women.  They back up their answers and observations with scripture, and to me, that is most valuable of all.

And this book isn't just about taking care of little ones.  I believe the chapter "How do you teach your children about the birds and the bees?" is worth the entire price of the book.  Maybe that says a lot about me and how much help I am going to need with that one!

Aside from those serious reasons, these women are also just plain hilarious.  They had me laughing again and again.  They don't claim to "have it all together" and they freely share their personal challenges.  They are women just like you and me that just so happen to have a lot of kids and they are sharing 15 chapters chock full of wisdom they have gathered over the years.

You can catch The Four Moms doing related posts on their own blogs every Thursday at:
The Common Room
Smockity Frocks
Life in a Shoe and
Raising Olives

They are doing Q&A this week, so don't miss it!

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The giveaway is for a free copy of their e-book.  You can choose to have a PDF sent to your e-mail or you can receive the Kindle version.  You do not have to have an e-reader to read this book (I don't!), you can just use your regular computer.  

To enter the giveaway, just leave me a comment saying Hi.  You can earn a second entry by liking Church Mouse on Facebook, just leave another comment with your Facebook name if you please.

Entries close at midnight next Tuesday and I'll announce a winner next Thursday.

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