Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tips for Keeping a Clean Bathroom part 2

That is not Lysol in that can!
Almost two years ago, I posted My Tips for Keeping a Clean Bathroom where I encouraged my readers to try keeping a spray bottle of vinegar and a stack of rags in each bathroom for simple, quick clean-up.  I still think this is a wonderful method, but I have found a few more simple cleaning techniques I'm excited to share that have really helped me keep up a clean bathroom.

First, I combined a few different ideas from Pinterest to create my own disinfecting wipes.  I used an old Lysol container and put in pieces of my husband's old undershirts that I cut up.  (I cut the body of the shirt into quarters for these wipes.)  About 10 of these wipes fit in the container.  I mixed up a cleaning solution in a jar that consisted of the following:
  • 1/2 c. vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp. Dawn dish soap
  • about 15 drops of essential oils (I like orange and tea tree oil.)
I poured this mixture over the wipes, shook them up, and I had wipes ready to go for cleaning the entire bathroom.  They even worked nicely on the mirror!  (If yours seem a little dry, you can always add a little bit of water.  If they are too wet, you can squeeze out the excess liquid in the sink before using them.)  These 10 wipes lasted me about a month, and then I just laundered them and made up a new solution.  I have such a small bathroom and it has no cabinets, so this one little container hides in there very well.

The second idea is for cleaning the tub. I use coconut oil in my boys' bath water in the winter and this tends to make my tub get dirty in a hurry.  It is so much work trying to scrub out the bathtub, that I tend to put it off way too long.  I bought a little dish scrubber (shown above) and filled it with equal parts Dawn dish soap and vinegar.  I keep it right in the shower on the hanging rack.  About once a week while I'm taking a shower, I shake it up and do a quick once over on the tub and tiles.  This takes less than a minute and has been keeping my tub nice and clean.  I'm thrilled to give up the task of scrubbing out the bathtub every month!

Do you have any tips for keeping the bathrooms clean?

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  1. SMART woman! I like both of these ideas, particularly the shower scrubber. When cleaning the bathroom is my job, I often clean the tub/shower while I'm in it, but I can't stand breathing the cleaning fumes. DW soap would be so much better!

  2. Love this post! I had resorted to using the Lysol wipes b/c my bathroom has 6 people using it and needs daily wipe-ups. These have gotten expensive. I love your idea of reusing the container and making a homemade solution! My only question is this: do you happen to use the same solution for toilets?

    1. Anonymous, typically, I wipe down the bathroom with one wipe using this sequence: 1) mirror 2) sink 3) toilet. (Think cleanest to dirtiest.) So yes, I do use these wipes on the toilet, but when I need to scrub the bowl, I typically pour in some Simple Green or just plain vinegar.

  3. Love both of these ideas and I'm going to use them! I already use mostly vinegar and water around the house, but love the idea of premade wipes. Thanks for sharing.

    1. By the way, this is Donna^^for some reason awhile ago Anaja was using my google account and I have never been able to remove her name from it.

  4. I love the homemade wipes idea! We have the dish soap loaded with Dawn and Vinegar in the shower as well. First one that takes a shower (since there are just 2 of us) uses it on one surface (1/4th of the shower walls/doors.) So the whole shower gets it at least once a week. Last one to shower uses a squeegee when they get out. The shower walls shine and no more mildew. Takes about 30 seconds for each of us!

  5. We use lemon juice and vinegar to clean. In the months since we only use this (and maybe borax/baking soda) none of us have been sick. If it didn't work, we'd have colds, flu, whatever. Flu season bi-passed us. I can't stand really toxic stuff anyhow (I get migraines)

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