Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Tip for Keeping a Clean Bathroom

Point #3 on my "Never Getting Around To It?" post was to gather your materials. Having this in your bathroom cabinet -


- is a terrific way to keep a clean bathroom!

This is a simple $.99 empty spray bottle from Home Depot filled with plain vinegar. The wipes are old t-shirts cut up into rags. We only have one bathroom, but if we had more than one, every bathroom would have these two things in it. 10 reasons this works so well:

  1. When surprise company drops in, I can excuse myself to the restroom and do a wipe down in about 1 minute.
  2. I can use vinegar to clean the entire bathroom.
  3. No toting around buckets of cleaning supplies.
  4. I always wipe down the bathroom while the littles are in the bathtub. It's an efficient use of my time, and I clean the bathroom more often!
  5. Cleaning up "accidents" is fast and easy. We have little boys. Enough said, right?
  6. I like to use child safe cleaners. The littles can drink the vinegar and it won't hurt them! They can also help mama clean at a very young age and I don't have to worry about calling poison control.
  7. Vinegar smells bad, but the scent dissipates as it dries leaving things fresh and clean.
  8. The old t-shirts don't leave lint on the mirror.
  9. This is very cheap! Much cheaper than lysol wipes!
  10. It's "green". Washable cloths made from recycled clothing... non toxic cleaners that do not leach bad chemicals into the sewer system... It's being a good steward of God's creation.

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