Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hymn: Let the Beauty of Jesus Be Seen in Me

Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me,
All His wonderful passion and purity.
May His Spirit divine all my being refine
Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.

When your burden is heavy and hard to bear
When your neighbors refuse all your load to share
When you're feeling so blue, Don't know just what to do
Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you.

When somebody has been so unkind to you,
Some word spoken that pierces you through and through.
Think how He was beguiled, spat upon and reviled,
Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you

From the dawn of the morning till close of day,
In example in deeds and in all you say,
Lay your gifts at His feet, ever strive to keep sweet
Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you.


  1. Just found your blog tonight while searching for the lyrics to this song. I'm going back through reading your posts, and really enjoying them! No need to publish comment, just wanted to say hi!

  2. I am so blessed with the episode, may God bless and keep the unity of FAITH amoung his brethren. God bless you all.

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  4. How beautiful! Just what I need this very hour. God bless you.


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