Saturday, January 29, 2011

Interrupting the regularly scheduled program...

January has been a very, very, very tough month for the Church Mice. Blogging has been put on the back burner, as my time has been severely constrained by:
  • Little Littles got 5 teeth this month. A normally pleasant baby, he has been almost non-stop cranky both night and day!
  • We have had two added projects/commitments this month, one of which ends tomorrow, one of which will stretch into summer. Both required significant chunks of time.
  • We've had several bouts of illness, each in our turn. I am the only person in the family that likes to be left completely alone when I am sick. The other three get VERY needy, clingy, weepy, need lots and lots of care and attention most of which has to come from ME. It's rather exhausting. Big Littles is the current sick-y. Poor thing.
So, I'm hoping to just chalk up the entire month to difficult circumstances, and am trying to move forward and get our lives back into some sort of routine, which I hope will include blogging during nap time again.

Only thing is...

We are getting ready to do a preaching-related trip soon, so I may still be spotty in my posting for the next two weeks as we prepare/travel/recover.

And this sort of reminds me. It's a bit of a pet peeve when traveling for a gospel meeting, especially when Preacher Man is doing all of the preaching, when folks treat it like a vacation. Gospel Meetings = Work! Sometimes a lot more work than what is usual. Yes, there is pleasure in it also, but it is *definitely* not a vacation.


Oh and just because I haven't been writing a lot doesn't mean my mind has gone blank. I re-organized my list for blog topics today and am even a little overwhelmed by how many I have in the back of my mind. This list will keep me busy for a while, and some of these are some super yummy recipes I've tried lately! So, stay posted... Church Mouse is working on getting things back on track!

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