Thursday, October 14, 2010

Breakfast of Champions!

(or lunch or dinner...)

Huevos Rancheros

Breakfast in our house is the cornerstone meal of our day. Big Littles and I need major protein and fuel to start our day, so skipping breakfast is a recipe for disaster. Low blood sugar = ugly attitudes and short tempers, so I avoid light, sugary breakfasts as much as possible. Most mornings we eat eggs, and sometimes oatmeal, but on the days when we need something to keep us going, I make HUEVOS RANCHEROS.

While visiting some friends, our hostess made huevos rancheros for us. I was surprised by how delicious it is, and it was really enhanced by the locally made sausages. I decided to give it a try at home, and we LOVE it. Here are some guidelines on how to make this super-hearty breakfast, which also steps in as a delicious lunch or dinner. (This is a very flexible recipe, so use what you have/what you like.)

Layer in your bowl:
- Warmed beans (our hostess used white beans, like great northerns, but black beans are traditional) - we almost always have some beans in the crock pot, but canned work as well
- Some grated cheese (white cheese, similar to farmer cheese is traditional, but cheddar/monterey jack are also nice)
- A fried egg or two - either sunny side up or over easy, or poached (you want the runny yolk - it is DELICIOUS mixed in with the beans, and I am usually a hater of runny yolks)
- Some crumbled sausage or bacon
- It is nice with some corn tortillas also.
- If you have it, diced tomato adds some spark
- Hot sauce is a must.

Enjoy! THIS is a breakfast that will stick with you until lunch! :)

This post is a part of the "Four Moms Open House Virtual Breakfast".

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