Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Seeds

We recently enjoyed a lovely fall party with a pumpkin carving activity. The hostess was about to throw away the piles of "innards" from the half a dozen or so pumpkins that were now glowing cheerily on the steps when I stopped her and asked if I could have them. She was gracious enough to give me two gallon size ziploc bags to put them in and I brought them home for roasting. I LOVE roasted pumpkin seeds! It's a treat we only get to enjoy once a year and we have been munching on them throughout our days. They taste like popcorn to me. Many people like exotic flavorings, but I just like plain butter and salt.

It took a long time to get so many seeds cleaned out, but once I did, I used this method for cooking and roasting them that I found by doing a quick google search. They turned out really nicely, and the salt brine worked really well. I'll definitely use this method again! It took me significantly longer to roast them - about an hour or more, actually, removing them and stirring the every 10-15 minutes, but I think that is because they sat in the fridge for quite a while in their yucky pumpkin stew, and because of the sheer amount of them. Just keep roasting and stirring until they get all golden brown and crispy.


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