Friday, February 25, 2011

Links Anyone?

An odd question, perhaps...

Did any of you, my kind readers, happen to link my post Church Mouse Learns Frugality sometime a little over a month ago?

I ask because it was one of the first posts I ever wrote, and it suddenly got lots and LOTS of hits. The only other posts that have gotten over 200 hits like this one are the ones that have been a part of a link up like the 4 Moms posts or that someone else kindly linked from their blog or Facebook. (Nice riding on the coat-tails of an experienced blogger like the Deputy Headmistress of The Common Room!)

I've searched and I can't find this one anywhere. My curiosity has gotten the better of me, so I'm finally just going to come out and ask.

And if you did link it, THANKS! :) I'm happy that you did!

Can anyone help me solve the mystery?

Right now, a typical Church Mouse post gets between 30 and 60 hits. Here are a couple of my most popular posts for the curious:
1. Lifting Holy Hands
2. Potato Salad
3. Gifts for the Neighbors
4. Sausage Chowder
5. Breakfast of Champions

Church Mouse Learns Frugality is #6.

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