Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Using It Up"

"Use it up, wear it out,
make do, and do without."

- a little saying from the days of The Great Depression

In yesterday's post, I talked about minimizing our food waste. Just thought I would share some resources that have been helpful for me in that regard.

All Recipes: Do an ingredient search for the little bits of food you need to use up. Very handy!

Love Food Hate Waste: A site from the UK that has some really good tips! In the Recipe section, there are little icons of a wide range of foods. Click on the food you need to use up for some ideas. Check out the food storage tips to make your foods last longer.

Remember that unless you are baking something special, recipes are merely suggestions. Feel free to be creative in the kitchen and make substitutions and additions.

Certain dishes are naturally accommodating. These would be: muffins, stir fries, omelets, quiches, soups, and smoothies.

Don't let your bread go stale! Make bread crumbs before it gets moldy. Store breadcrumbs in a ziploc in your freezer and use as needed. Cornbread also makes great breadcrumbs, but you should store it separately as you may want cornbread in some recipes, but not in others. Can you believe I used to buy breadcrumbs? See, I didn't just know all of this stuff. I've been learning as I go too!

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