Saturday, July 2, 2011

Open Heart, Open Home

I'm joining my blogging friends from "The Common Room" in a study on hospitality, reading the book Open Heart, Open Home by Karen Burton Mains.

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So, I'm only two chapters into the book, but I am already inspired! Mrs. Mains encourages her readers to cultivate a heart for Biblical hospitality. I broke down the comparisons she made in chapter 2 between worldly entertainment and Biblical hospitality into a chart because that is the way my brain works. :) I found these ideas very humbling and they have caused me to re-examine my motives for hospitality. I'm afraid I have a bit more work to do to bring myself into line with true Biblical hospitality. Pride sneaks in all too often.

Come join in the study! Everyone is invited! Open heart, open blog. ;)

Worldly Entertainment

Biblical Hospitality

Seeks to impress

Seeks to minister

Puts things before people

Puts people before things

Works to hide our weaknesses

Allows people to see our humanity



Says, “This is mine”

Says, “What’s mine is yours”

Looks for payment

No thought of reward

Model is found on TV/magazines

Model found in God’s word


  1. Love the chart- what a neat idea.
    "this is mine... these adornments... are an expression of my personality." That's what made me wince the most this time around.

  2. It's a great book. I read it last year. I can't remember if I bought a copy, but if we did it's in the boxes that have not been opened since we moved. I really want to read it again... maybe this week I'll look for it. I hope I bought it. Yes, thanks for the chart. :)


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