Friday, August 19, 2011

Church Mouse Gone Wild

It is rare for someone to see me in public without my Littles, but last night, it became necessary.

I went to the grocery store ALL BY MYSELF!

I don't remember the last time that happened. Now I'm not expecting this to be a new trend, I enjoy going grocery shopping with my Littles, but last night, I enjoyed myself to the fullest!

  • I may or may not have been seen picking up an iced tea at a drive through.
  • Others may or may not have heard Peter, Paul and Mommy blasting the song "Leatherwing Bat" out of the car windows. Church Mouse may or may not have been belting it out along with Mary, accompanied by air (folk) guitar (Hey, I forgot to bring MY music along! Normally, you would have heard me belting out "Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal" or something classical.)
  • I may or may not have let my hair out of a bun!
  • I may or may not have been in such a terrific mood that I got treats for everyone and blew through two weeks of grocery money! (A good reason that this won't be a regular occurrence.)
  • I DEFINITELY ditched the ginormous two-kid diaper bag and brought along my nice little "pre-kid purse" and I was absolutely giddy over the fact that it only held 4 items - wallet, keys, grocery list, pen
  • I was definitely thrilled to walk back in the door after being gone for an hour and a half to see my guys dancing around the living room, happy as could be. Hugs and kisses all around!

I think if my high school self could see my current mama self, she would be in disbelief. But I think she would also be happy to see that I am filled with joy to be able to love and serve my family and that I am tremendously blessed.

Life is good!


  1. The title of this post is absolutely hilarious! Glad you had some fun! :)

  2. Love it! I only go without my littles - is that terrible?! Husbands are a wonderful gift!

  3. Funny how even a trip to the store alone can give us such a thrill.


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