Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We have been in a state of emergency in Church Mouse's little world for about a week. Now the dust is beginning to settle, and happily, I'm getting everything put to right. In the meantime though, I missed two linkups I've been faithfully following and this makes me a little bit sad. :( Even though I'm too late to link up, I think I'll add my thoughts on the final chapters of Open Heart, Open Home by Karen Mains over the next couple of days.

A bit ironic that I missed the linkup on the appendix of Large Family Logistics because my life was in crisis, while the two sections are entitled, "Coping While Exhausted and Overwhelmed" and "Moving Beyond Survival Mode". :)

I have said it before and I will say it again, the book is worth the price for the appendices alone. Seriously.

I was experiencing a temporary crisis, but there are times in life where survival mode goes on and on and on. (First trimester anyone?) If you have been there before, you are familiar with that helpless sort of feeling that comes from many months of exhaustion, illness, and just trying to survive minute by minute. In these two sections Mrs. Brenneman gently takes you by the hand, encourages you to keep on, and leads you step by step through what you need to do to bring things into a state of order once again. You don't need to feel helpless any longer. 12 steps, that is all, gets you right back on track.

"Do the Next Thing" is a fine saying, but if everywhere you look you see things to do, you wonder which thing is next.

And that is where my Home Management Book came in. Even in its skeletal state, it has been a tremendous help for me during this difficult week. Instead of looking at it and feeling guilty that I was not able to stick to the plan, I was able to use it as a guide. It helped me prioritize. Certain things were put on the back burner while I took care of what was urgent.

For instance, Monday is supposed to be laundry day, but I did zero laundry. I tackled my most pressing projects and took a nap! Laundry is being handled little by little throughout the week instead. I feel like just today I have things back on track, so tomorrow I jump right in with both feet into "Town Day". Having a focus for each day eases my mind and lightens my general to-do list considerably.

Crisis will come and go, but by keeping a good attitude and relying upon your well-thought-out plans, you will be able to overcome.

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