Monday, October 17, 2011


A dear friend is writing a wonderful series of posts on balance. She is calling it, "Balancing Balance". She is a woman worthy of emulation, too. She has graduated 2/3 homeschoolers, kept her home, served her fellow Christians, and has even served the community as mayor! Go and glean her wisdom!

Start here with Part 1.

I find that it is becoming crucial to learn these lessons now that I am the mama. There are so many really GOOD things that can be done and despite what you may have heard, you cannot have it all. We must make choices and If I fail to properly filter, the entire family can fall apart. Sounds dramatic, but it is so much the case!

If I fail to keep up with the dishes, the entire kitchen becomes over-run and a person cannot even work there to prepare food. What happens then? Mama's blood sugar plummets and she tries to correct it with dark chocolate peanut M&Ms which only make her crash even further in 20 minutes. (NOT PRETTY! Ask Preacher Man!) Children become irritable and hungry, and have to scrounge for whatever can be eaten with their hands. Then mama has to wash a room full of dishes and it takes an hour, during which time the children run AMOK and cause an even bigger mess! (Oh mama tried to involve the children in the dish washing, but really, it wouldn't work because of the horrendous mess.) It's ugly folks. Ugly! I should know!

Remember this?

Dirty Dishes Take Over


Or what about when the family's schedule is so utterly hectic, running here, there and everywhere and the children miss too many naps and have irregular meals, and are the kinds of children that can only poop when they are at home (sorry, I know that is TMI), so their entire digestive system gets out of whack, not to mention the effects of eating bad food on the road...

All of this because MAMA fails to filter!

It's a different ball game now. My poor decisions don't just affect me anymore. My family needs me and needs me to BALANCE!

So if you struggle with this, and I don't know a woman who doesn't, go visit Mrs. Lori and learn how! :)

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