Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Blog!

Today Church Mouse turns one! It has been a fun year of blogging for me! More than anything, I love to share and help people, and writing here gives me a great outlet. Thank you, my dear readers, for reading, sharing, and commenting over the course of the year.

Possible changes ahead: I'm just a small-time blogger and have no aspirations for anything greater, but I have considered being an amazon affiliate in order to make a few pennies to help out our household. I am also working on putting some tabs under the banner to make it easier to browse on the blog.

Do you have any recommendations for the blog? What do you like to read here? Do you have a favorite post?

I think stats are fun, so here are a few:
Pageviews this year: 26,190
Posts: 246
Top Post: Church Mouse Learns Frugality
Facebook Followers: 49 (Can we make it 50 today!?!?!)
Google Reader Subscribers: 30

And now, as a THANK YOU to my loyal readers, I'm doing a giveaway today!

I'm REALLY excited about doing this!

I'm giving away an MP3 download from Amazon Music of my favorite hymn CD - Amazing Grace, by the Robert Shaw Chorale. It features 20 beautiful a cappella hymns and spirituals. We listen to this CD most Sunday mornings as we eat breakfast and get ready for worship. It is absolutely lovely, and if you want to hear a sample of it, you can click here. My favorites include "Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal" and "Wondrous Love".

In order to have a chance to win, I just need you to do the following:
Leave me a comment here telling me how you keep up with Church Mouse.

Do you subscribe with a reader? Follow me on Facebook? Randomly check in? Other?

I've disabled comment moderation temporarily, so I hope leaving a comment will be easy for you.

I will chose a winner randomly from those whose comment in the next 24 hours. I wish I could give a copy to each of my lovely readers, and especially those who regularly comment or send me little encouraging notes, but alas, it would break the bank! So today, one of you has a chance to win and tomorrow (October 11th) around 10 a.m., I will close the entries and will determine who that winner will be!

Best wishes!

(If you are unable to leave a comment here for whatever reason you can also e-mail me at and I will put you in. Thanks!!)


  1. I've enjoyed reading your blog as I have time and opportunity. I'm glad you post notes on Facebook so I know when a new entry is up for reading!

  2. I love reading your posts, and check it almost every day.

  3. I check in randomly. I love your homemaking tips and recipes!!

  4. I check in often via another blog source, pleonast. I have loved your posts on cooking, organizing, and your posts on songs. It's nice to see your Sunday hymn posts. My favorite posts are your garden posts in general.

  5. I think I follow you on my blogspot or Google reader, but I almost always come here from Facebook. :)

  6. Check in randomly! Churchmouse is on my list of bookmarked home/family inspirational blogs. I maybe take the most from your time management/organizational themes, however I love seeing your outside projects. I appreciate your almost academic approach to homekeeping... study and evaluate what is most effective. Take notes, records, etc. You take your work seriously. However, you nicely keep in mind the balance of things v. hearts, always remembering the growth in souls and hearts and minds outweighs any progress we could make on the piles...

  7. I follow you by following the link on your pleo page. I also sometimes see a charlotte church update on facebook and it serves as a reminder to check the church mouse! I always enjoy the posts. :)

  8. I am notoriously bad at regularly following blogs... what I usually do is go one day and catch up on All The Postings I've Missed Since Last visiting the Blog. I do it with several blogs I love to pieces, including yours, and it makes for a very pleasurable hour or so to do alllll the catch up required.
    Love your housekeeping and cooking posts. They are so clearly written by a kindred spirit. :)

  9. I check in randomly! :) I enjoy your blog very much and admire and appreciate your genuine example of the industrious homemaker through it ... it's inspiring to me. :)

  10. I've just been checking in randomly, but I plan to start visiting more!

  11. This post didn't show up at all on my Google homepage feed. I wonder how many others I have missed.


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