Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grocery Store Math 101

Food prices are climbing, and we are feeling the pinch. Almost a year ago, I wrote the post Half Price Groceries, and while it still has some wonderful tips in there, my baseline prices have had to inch up along with the rising grocery prices. It is HARD for me to find dried beans for less than $1 per pound anymore, and beef less than $2 per pound is rare indeed. When I DO find amazing deals like these, there is usually a limit that prevents me from stocking up the way I would like. It is becoming more crucial than ever to be conscious of prices... REAL prices, not just the flashy sales signs. You have to look at the numbers and do the math! This may be elementary for many of my readers, but I know that when I was a fresh, new homemaker, I had to learn these lessons along the way. I had been grocery shopping for over 5 years for our family before I realized just how much deli meat and bagged lettuce cost per pound. It PAYS to look at the unit price!!