Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Deals at the Grocery Store

If you are an coupon mama like me, you may be a little disappointed in the pickings this week. Be not dismayed, some of the best deals of the year are out there!

Many stores run a free turkey/ham promo for Thanksgiving. For our store, we have a choice of a turkey or a ham. The sale price for the turkey is $1.19 and the sale price for the ham is $1.79. While we go with the traditional turkey for Thanksgiving, we enjoy ham more, and like having it for Christmas. My strategy: Buy the largest ham I can find and get it for free, freezing it until Christmas - then buy a modest size turkey for the amazing price of $1.19/lb. \

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Further reflecting made me think... $1.19 is really not such a great deal. I re-checked the sales fliers and realized my mistake. The store running the free turkey promo is charging $1.19/lb. but the competing stores have turkeys as low as $.39/lb. I should have gone to the other store for the turkey. :( I'm bummed. I spent way too much on the silly bird.

Live and learn, right? Don't make my mistake!
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We started thawing our bird today... after a disaster year of thawing the bird to early, I now tend to err on the other side, thawing a bit later. I would warn my readers that if you have not started thawing your turkey, now would be the time!!! Otherwise, you can pay a bit of a premium for a "fresh" turkey that you don't have to thaw.

Other deals -
  • Sweet potatoes - these are going for as low as $.20 per pound! I bought 15 pounds so far! (We really love sweet potatoes!)
  • Off season items like ice cream - stash some in the deep freeze, or use it with your apple pie on Thursday!
  • Sausage - I'm seeing all-time low sausage prices and am stocking the freezer. I was thrilled to find an all-natural brand well-priced - just pork, salt, water and spices!
  • canned broth, cranberry sauce, and gravy - I don't usually purchase these convenience items, but they are nice for donating, or stocking your emergency food storage.
  • sour cream, cream cheese and such are surprisingly low as is cool whip - nice for your holiday desserts!
  • Several wonderful deals and coupons for nuts - again, a great time to stock the freezer
  • Clementines are back!! Big littles and I are thrilled!
Anyone else seeing "Black Friday" deals at the GROCERY STORE? This is a first for me, but I'm tempted... oh so tempted by the low, low price for toilet paper, and the beautiful free range, grass fed filet mignon for $2.99/lb. Mmmmm! Sounds like a Valentine's dinner for Preacher Man and I!

If you want to keep your sanity, get your shopping done ASAP and go in the morning to avoid the holiday craziness!

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