Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lucious Lemony Water


Water from the tap (and filtered if need be) is the most inexpensive and most healthful form of hydration available. Sadly, I am one of the many Americans that is not thrilled to drink glass after glass of water every day. The taste is not as thrilling as a bubbly soda, cafe mocha, or fruit juice. Water is just sooooo.... boring!

My solution: Lemons!

Lemon wedges give water a little extra spark! They look pretty through the glass, and give a nice bit of flavor without being overwhelming. The problem? Lemons are not very cheap, and they go bad quicker than I can use them.

My solution: Freeze the lemon wedges!

I buy lemons by the bag for about $3 for 6 lemons. I cut each lemon into 8 wedges by halving them down the middle, and then cutting each half into quarters. I pick out the large seeds if they are bothersome. I arrange the wedges rind side down on a plate and flash freeze them for a couple of hours. I transfer the frozen wedges to a quart size ziploc bag, and every day I pull out a nice little iced lemon wedge for my glass of water. I don't mind drinking glass after glass of this stuff, and it keeps me far from soda and other nasties I would like to avoid. For the purpose of full disclosure, I still drink a cup of coffee every morning, and enjoy a glass of iced tea with dinner if I've been a good girl. ;)

The cost of my daily lemon water: a little over $.06 per day

My bag of lemons lasts me 48 days, and I stay well-hydrated in the meantime!

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  1. Love that idea!!! Never thought of freezing them. Genius ;)


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