Friday, September 9, 2011

This is Not a Cup Cozy

cup cozy

Preacher Man wanted me to make him a cup cozy for his beloved double walled ceramic travel coffee cup - aka, "This is not a paper cup." I traced out a pattern to sew him one and I still have plans to do so... sometime... but he was in a hurry to get one and I have been short on time this summer. So I got creative and did some up-cycling.

cup cozy pieces

Yes, his cup cozy was once worn on his feet. Admittedly, this bothered him at first, but he has gotten over it. He likes it and it does the job.

Another recent upcycling project was making these little tote bags for the Littles to carry to church. I made it out of a wool skirt that got moth eaten and the ribbons were taken from a couple of used gift bags. The bags were very simple to make - took about 45 minutes for both and I made them spur of the moment on a Saturday night because I'm crazy like that.

Bible Books Bags

The boys love their little bags and it has helped me downsize what we keep in the pew, which was desperately needed. Big Littles (pre-school) gets a picture Bible, a little New Testament, and a notebook with pencil. Little Littles (almost a toddler) gets three little Bible picture books, a little New Testament and a notebook with pencil. When the sermon starts, each child is handed a bag, and I actually get to hear a little bit of the Preacher Man for a change!

Changing old habits is difficult, but when I have a need, I try so very hard to look around the house with a creative eye before I head out shopping for something. Have you "upcycled" anything lately? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Great up-cycling. Who knew that was a word?

    I like the bags. I thought they were from pant legs.

  2. I haven't done this yet, but I've been thinking about doing it for a while. I get the prettiest greeting cards for various occasions. I've been thinking about cutting out the pictures and pasting them onto post cards and gift boxes. They are too pretty to just sit around and keep to myself!

  3. I do that Leah! I often cut out pieces from greeting cards I like and re-make them into a new card or use them to decorate gift bags/boxes! I'm not a card saver, so this works well for me.

  4. I appreciate the minimal approach to church bags! I don't have children but it just seems strange/unncessary to me that children have *so many* toys for that period of time.


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