Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cloth Diaper Tutorial 2

I like to use "pocket diapers". Pockets are convenient to use, wash well, and dry quickly. Pockets need to be stuffed with some sort of absorbent material, and one of the most common pocket diaper inserts are made of micro terry like these. It is nice and convenient to buy them, but it is really very easy to sew your own and you will save a LOT of money by doing so!

How to Sew Microfiber Inserts for Cloth Diapers

I buy the 8 pack of microfiber towels in the automotive department of Wal-mart. They cost about $5. I once found a similar pack at Big Lots for $4! I've also seen great deals at Home Depot. With my method, I get 6 inserts out of that. This beats the $1.99 each I paid at the Fuzzi Bunz store by a long shot, and they are super easy to make! Using this method, you will have four layers of microfiber, which I find is perfect for normal everyday use. These are very comparable in thickness and absorbency to the ones I bought, and they dry in a reasonably short amount of time. These fit perfectly in size medium Fuzzi Bunz, Swaddlebees pockets, and Swaddlebees Econappies or Blueberry OS diapers on the largest setting. They could easily be trimmed shorter to fit size small diapers, though the width should be just fine. I really prefer having them sewn up because they are easier to hang to dry and easier to stuff. I also like that they do not bunch up in the diaper with an active baby/toddler.

1) I make these "assembly line" style. It goes very fast! Before cutting or sewing, I prep them by washing them once with my regular diaper wash. I also trim off the little tags.

2) Trifold two of your towels, keeping the size of the panels as even as possible. This will be the layer hidden inside, so choose the color you like the least for cutting up.

3) Cut both of your trifolded diapers into even thirds.

4) Lay your six uncut towels flat and center an extra panel in the towel.

5) Fold over the sides, trying to keep your panels as even as possible.

6) Now you are ready to sew!

7) Set up your machine to use a "zig-zag stitch" with your choice of thread and bobbin color. Stitch the short ends first. It really works best to sew just to the inside of the edges of the towels. You want to make sure you are sewing through all of the layers of the towel so you won't have gaps where gunk can get through and build up.

Finished stitching:

8) Now sew down both sides of the towel using the same technique.

You are all done!

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