Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If you do this in a hurry...

If you love the photo book idea and can make one for yourself in short order, Snapfish, an online photo printing company is running a GREAT deal today! Sadly, it is today only, as it expires December 7th. Enter the coupon code FRSH30 when you check out and you will get free shipping and 30% off your order.

I ordered the prints for my nephew's book last night using this deal and here is how it came out:

Quantity/Item Total

cost of prints: $1.89
FRSH30: -$0.57
subtotal: $1.32
shipping & handling:standard: $0.00
FRSH30: -$1.97
Tax: $0.09
Prints Order Total: $1.41

That means his book is costing me less than $4 total to make, and it didn't cost me any extra to have just a small order delivered to my door. Shipping is usually the most expensive part of ordering prints, so make use of this deal if you can.

I know you can upload pictures to Snapfish from Facebook, through Picassa (click the "order prints button"), or directly from your computer, and I'm sure there are other ways that are fast and easy.

I don't receive any compensation from Snapfish if you take advantage of this deal. Just trying to pass on some good info. because I love my readers!!!

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