Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Blog?

Why blog? Why do I invest my precious time in this way?

I've been gently questioned about this, especially lately, and I think it is because I started Church Mouse back in October and admittedly have invested many hours into writing and sharing here. Even Preacher Man asked me at one point in a very kind way, "Just what are you trying to accomplish?"

I've done a lot of personal reflection on this because I want to be a good steward of my time and resources. My best answer is that I am better for it.

It has taken some time and effort to figure out a good balance in regards to my computer time. I have two good times of the day that I can spend on the computer - nap time/quiet time and evenings when the Littles go to bed. Unless I am looking up information I need at the moment or taking care of important business, I try not to spend time on the computer while the Littles are awake. I use my time with them to play, read, nurse, feed, diaper, do chores with them, train, etc... When nap time/bed time come, I am sooooooo ready for a little decompression time. I think most mamas can identify with that feeling.

Some mamas zone out with TV. Some get out for play dates and chat with other moms there. Some go out for "retail therapy". Some join mom's clubs. There are many, many ways that mamas get a little time for an escape from the 24/7 job that is being a mama. Blogging is MY outlet. We don't have TV, "retail therapy" is stressful for me, I'm an introvert and thrive more on alone time to recharge, and I don't leave my Littles. Ever. They are always with my husband or I. It's just what we prefer. Blogging has been very, very good for me to connect with other people, to organize my thoughts, and to provide some organization to my spiritual needs without having to ever leave my home or family.

Honestly, writing a Sunday Hymn Post, Meditations for Mondays, Wednesdays with the Word, and Thankful Thursdays means that I am writing about spiritual things four days a week, and it has been so very, very good for my soul. I spend a good amount of time with The Word for each of those posts, and frankly, I really, really needed that. I am doing so much better all around as a result. I also just really love sharing with other people and love to help another person whenever I can. Blogging fulfills these desires for me. I have been a more refreshed, balanced, joyful mama since I started writing here in October, and all the while, I have been there for my family. It may not be for everyone, but it works for me, and I am better for it.

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  1. I feel the exact same way about writing! It is a reprieve for me.


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