Monday, May 23, 2011

Kid Stuff

sorting beans

Sorting beans with my helpers. One of my helpers was enjoying hiding his toy soldiers in the beans, while the other thought it was hilarious to pretend to eat the dried beans. The rule is: Keep the beans in the bowl. I let them play until there are too many beans on the floor, and then we pick them up and I go wash and soak them. They always get very excited to help.

So, have you ever used code words when talking about certain things in front of your kids? Do you spell things out? Preacher Man and I do this quite often. Big little picked up on it and has started asking, "Can we ZYWQ today?" and such things. Funny, funny. Anyway, some of our secret codes are:
  • Exploded maize = popcorn
  • take laps = go for a walk
  • two wheeling = go for a bike ride
I know our secret plotting can't last forever, but we are enjoying the time that we can get away with it.

What are some of your code phrases?


  1. I don't really have any but I was spelling something to my mom the other day and my 7 year old quick grabbed a pencil, wrote down what she heard, sounded it out, and said it out loud. Yikes! No more spelling! (But I was very proud!)

    (I found you at Smockity Frocks)


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