Thursday, May 17, 2012

HELP! I need a new crock pot... and QUICK!

I discovered a crack in the stoneware part of my crockpot when half the liquid in my beans slowly leaked onto the counter overnight.  So now I need a new one, and fast, because we do so many meals in that thing!

My main question is this:  The one shown above is what we bought about 3 years ago and it was on sale for $15 from Target.  I actually liked the simplicity of it.  The only issue I had was that the enamel seemed to be wearing off much sooner than it should, and now the current crack.  My concern with the enamel is... is that in our food now?  And is that ok?

So I would love to have some crock pot reviews - what have you, personally used?  How has the enamel held up?  How heavily do you use it?


PS - Preacher Man said "The only appliance that sees more use in our house is the toilet."

:P  Such a sense of humor, that man.

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  1. I have the same one pictured above. I wouldn't worry about the beans. Maybe you could look for any pieces in your beans?

    The best crock pots for me have been older ones. In fact, one new one someone gave me had the lid crack into a billion pieces after it slipped out of my hand. On the older models, there is very good shatterproof glass. If it breaks, you only have 2 pieces and a few chards to clean up.

    My advice is to go to goodwill and pick up a new old one. :0) I have 3 right now, and the older ones cook better and have held up better than my new ones!

  2. This happened to me a few years ago, and it was sooo disappointing -- ruined crockpot and ruined dinner in one fell swoop! My current one is a Hamilton Beach Stay 'n Go, 6 qt. I like it quite a lot. The lid clamps shut for taking it places and that has saved a spill or two in the car, I think. It has high, low, and warm settings, and automatically switches to warm after 12 hours.

  3. I got a new one for Christmas, because I wanted the timer settings - LOVE that. I still have my old one, though - one I've had for probably 10 years or so, by now. It's a Rival brand (crock pot brand name), and it's served me wonderfully - I don't use it quite as much as y'all use yours, but I use it pretty frequently! I wonder if you just got a bum one, because my old one looks exactly like yours, only white and white. Either that, or I've got a nasty surprise coming ... :)

  4. Oh, I was quite disappointed when my crock pot broke a few years ago. I don't remember which it was but kind of your general run-of-the-mill crockpot. We went without for a while ... then finally bought another one, and this time one with that turned out to have non-stick coating. Yuck. Do NOT go this route. After ONE use, the non-stick was peeling off. Disgusting. So again, we went without for a while. Fairly recently we got another one - the 6 quart Hamilton Beach "Set and Forget" slow cooker. I LOVE it.
    -the locking lid is fabulous. Taking crock pot food to potlucks is soooooo much easier now with a lid that locks! Minor perk on transporting it .. it comes with a spoon that actually attaches/locks to the lid.
    -High, low, warm, auto switch to warm after 12 hours.
    -Or you can program a cooking time limit, at which point it will switch to warm.
    -Probe setting: it has an attachable meat probe, which goes through the lid and into the meat. You set the internal temperature you want the meat to reach, and the crock pot will cook until it reaches that point, then automatically goes to warm. Loooooooove this feature. So nice which cooking a huge piece of meat.
    -Dishwasher safe crock and lid.

    I think these generally run from about $45 to $80, depending on where you get them. Here it is on Amazon: It was very worth it to me after being so disappointed with previous ones. This one also has great reviews online from what I've seen. I'm definitely tickled with it. :)

  5. Oh, I should have said though - my first one didn't break while cooking. It broke from an unfortunate encounter with the floor. ;)

  6. I thought you could buy replacement crocks? Assuming of course that your's has a removable pot. I wouldn't use it if it has a crack - too much of a chance of contamination. When I used to work at a coffee shop, any time there was a chip or crack in any of the dishware, we were to throw it out to avoid contamination. If you buy a round crock pot, you can often find a metal lid for one of your existing pots to fit well on it - you can't see inside as with the glass lid but at least you don't have the potential for a "shattering experience" while cooking! :) My new one is an All-Clad but, having said that, it was a gift as even I wouldn't pay $199 (and that was on SALE) for a crock pot! But it's a Porshe in the kitchen - sleek and stylish with tons of power! lol

    Go to and read the reviews on the ones they carry as well.

  7. That is the one I have except mine is oval. I definitely recommend oval....great for large roasts (beef and pork) and also whole chickens! Crockpot brand has been a great brand for me and held up. I posted on pleo that our first one was one Tommy bought in college and it held up until I finally retired it for over eight to ten years (couldn't remember exactly) and the only reason it was retired was because I had to turn the knob with needle nose pliers! :) I love my crockpot and it gets used at least once a week and in the winter about every three to four days. I try not to put it in the dishwasher because of the glaze issues you are speaking of and because it literally takes the whole dishwasher! Happy hunting!

  8. I forgot....if there is a choice, I would chose an all glass lid! The parts of the screwed on plastic tops seem to wear and come apart.

  9. I have the same kind & size as Lori (wedding gift) and am still loving it after 1.5 years (uh, which isn't that long but I still love it!!!). Seems to heat very evenly and I like how it's the simple "warm, low, high" heat options. I think it was $35-ish? Maybe check out Kohls -- they (did) carry that brand (as well as others) and if you time your visit right with a 15%-off coupon, that helps.

    Oh, and my other favorite part of this crockpot is the lid that snaps on onto the pot part. Loooove that.

    1. Oh, and while I don't use mine as much as you use yours, I usually cook it in 1-2x a week so it is getting regular usage and (so far) has done well every time.

  10. Haven't used a crockpot in about 4 years, in part because mine just isn't big enough anymore! I think it's a standard 6quart, and round. I don't know what options there are for larger crockpots... perhaps we just eat an extraordinary amount...
    Perhaps consider what family size you anticipate, and buy accordingly?

  11. I love my crocks they are a true blessing. We have several. I have bought these at grage sales. Never having them brake. My hubby did end up buying me one from Kmart it is a Hamilton Beach 3 different sized pots. Worse case just buy the croke pot liners and use them until you can find one that you like. Hope this helps.


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