Wednesday, May 2, 2012

House Tour

Big changes have been happening in our lives!  I'm excited to show you around our new home!

Let's start with where I am now.  Here's my desk:

It's in the kitchen, and I'm loving it!
(Please ignore the mess in the background.  I just went grocery shopping and haven't put everything away yet.  And yes, that is CARPET in our kitchen.  I'm not really loving that, but we are living with it.)
It's in a nice sunny spot and having it next to the radiator keeps me nice and toasty while I sip my cuppa tea during afternoon quiet time.

Here's a closeup:
I've got my Mac-top, my coffee cup, my homekeeping notebook, my study Bible, my emergency scrunchie, and my chocolate stash.  Who could ask for anything more?

Here's a tour of the living room panning to the right:
Yes, we covered the fireplace with the couch.  Because we are renting, we are not allowed to use it, and this keeps the draft down.

If you saw our old house, you may be surprised to see that the living room paint color is almost identical to what we had in our old place!  Convenient, huh?  And the picture/clock arrangement is not ideal to my eye and is messing with my sense of feng shui.  Long story short, the landlord doesn't want us adding any new nails to the walls, so we have to use the existing ones, which aren't always ideally situated for us.  But that's ok.  We can live with funky feng shui.  Especially when this is more what the living room usually looks like:
With lots of toys, cheerios, and children strewn about. 

Here's our little "Library":
It is supposed to be the "formal dining room", but using it as a library and comfortable place to play and do school works so naturally for us.  And we ended up doing this because our very large table that seats 10-12 wouldn't fit in this room, so our dining table is in a sort of addition off of the kitchen... a room straight out of the 70's with looooooooooong shag carpet.  *sigh*  Yeah, I'll have to show you that one later. 

We were able to rent this home after many, many weeks of prayer, and I know that some of you joined us in those prayers and we are just so grateful.  In so many ways, this is a wonderful place for us to be and it is working so well for our family.  I'll try to share some more pictures another day.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. Lovely!!! Wow, your house is so clean. Even in the "messy" picture of things on the couch. Bah. I highly doubt I will ever be good at housecleaning. But I hope to become significantly better at faking it until it becomes habit haha ;)

    1. April, you make me laugh! You should see that same living room right now... brio trains EVERYWHERE, dirty socks left on the floor, jackets strewn about, toy truck on the stairs... yeah. And we're working on the clean. This place has needed some serious spring cleaning! We still have a long ways to go, but at least the rooms we live in are decent now.

  2. Looks wonderful! Great job! Another Mama told me we should put an old shower curtain under the dining room table to catch toddler may work for you? Perhaps the owner wouldn't mind you putting in some fake hardwood flooring in there?! It wouldn't hurt to ask anyway!

  3. We ended up getting a large piece of hard plastic to cover a section of the carpet. It's like what you would get for an office chair and it is working out pretty well. It fits right under where the Littles sit which allows me to just wipe up the worst of the messes. Still, it takes a lot of vacuuming to pick up all of the crumbs! If we end up living her long term, we have plans to re-do the flooring completely. Still trying to determine what kind of investment of both time and money we want to make in this house.

  4. THANK YOU for the tour! Now I can SEE where you are in my mind's eye, which is very important to me. Nice place! Do you know about those "guaranteed-not-to-leave-a-mark" 3M hooks. They might help your feng shui.

  5. Lovely tour!! Thanks for showing us your new home.

    I have hung pictures using pins- ordinary sewing pins, gently tapped into the wall. They hardly leave a mark at all. Of course, you can't hang really heavy things, but it works surprisingly well.

  6. Cute house, and very homey looking!


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