Thursday, May 3, 2012

House Tour Part 2

We've been in our new home for about a month and while we still have unpacked boxes, more and more I am getting the feeling that this is home and that everything has a place.

The first Sunday morning we were all here was utter insanity.  The house ended up needing WAY more cleaning than we anticipated, so we were further behind than I expected to be after being in the house for a week.  We had been living out of suitcases for two weeks and I had worn the same dress to church for the 3 previous weeks.  I was ready to wear a different dress.  The only problem was that it was unexpectedly cold and my clothes were in three different boxes in three different rooms in the house.  Pulling together an outfit almost made me lose my mind.  And then my hose had a run in the toe, so I had to dig out another pair.  And I had to wear hose because my legs looked like Sherwood forest.  (nudging my old room mate - remember that one M?)  Yes, personal grooming had not been very high on the priority list.  And then I had to find matching shoes.  And the correct slip was nowhere to be found.  And then I had a raging static problem and my hair just was NOT cooperating.  Every time I tried to find something, I had to look in four places before I found it.  Some people live like this all the time.  I cannot do it.  So it was imperative for me to get some order because my mental stability was pretty weak for a while there.  :)  So here are some more pictures...

Our two biggest jobs - floor cleaning and wall washing... still not done with the walls.
The carpets did, in fact, change color after being cleaned!

The Littles helped out too.
Full view of the kitchen
The dining area, aka - 70's room
The very PINK bathroom... funny in a house full of boys!
                                The pink is actually kind of growing on me... and I LOVE the tile on the floor!
Going up the stairs... the W.C.

It's impossible to get good lighting for a photo here, but even in real life, it's just a little... odd.  BUT, I'm loving having the second toilet between the bedrooms.  It will be especially nice when we have company.  And when I'm pregnant.  Oh, so very nice.  (I'm not, by the way.)

The Littles' Bedroom
The other side... see those walls?  That is AFTER two cleanings.
No pictures of our bedroom yet... it's getting pulled together, but it is pretty low priority.  There are also two empty bedrooms downstairs that will eventually be a guest room/play room/homeschool/storage room/sewing room... yeah, all of that.  We've also got a massive basement and the Littles love to play down there.  It's nothing picture-worthy though.

Oh and wait until I show you Preacher Man's Office!!!!  It is REALLY something! 

In case you missed it, here is the House Tour Part 1

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  1. It's looking AWESOME!! Great job!! :0)

  2. Looking forward to seeing preacher man's office! My husband's office is down in the basement!+


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